The Beauty Dial Star Buy: Firming Body Scrub!




94% – agree that skin looks and feels smoother & softer*

85% – agree that skin looks healthier*

81% – agree that the scrub refines skin texture*

( *Tested on 100 women ).

These stats grabbed my attention straight away so I was dying to try this product, The Body Shop French Grape Seed Refining Body Scrub RRP €34.00 350ml.


Grape seeds are prized for their high polyphenol content, a powerful antioxidant known to firm the skin. The Body Shop have infused this new scrub with grape seed powder from France and Community Trade organic sugar from Paraguay to help invigorate, exfoliate and refine your skin.

Massaging with sugar is great for stimulating circulation to promote even skin tone. Plus, the fresh and delicate fruity fragrance helps awake and revive the senses.

The French Grape Seed Scrub is part of the Spa of the World™ range: the new Firming ritual. Infused with a blend of fruit extracts from forests and vines, and blended into refining textures and invigorating fragrances, this uplifting regime is designed to empower skin, body & mind.

I have been using this scrub along with the other products in the range Ethiopian Green Coffee Cream and Thai Makrut Lime firming oil and my skin is feeling so soft and revitalized.

The scrub costs €34.00 for a 350ml tub and seems to last forever, the scrub is not harsh in anyway on the skin and your skin feels gorgeous after it and for this reason it gets the title of this weeks Star Buy.

Available in The Body Shop stores nationwide.


Edel xxx




One Comment Add yours

  1. Joana says:

    I own this too and I absolutely love how it feels on my skin. Besides, I love the smell as well! 🙂


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