Wedding Video – To have one or not?


For me, I knew straight away that I wanted a wedding video. I just think when everything is done and dusted it’s nice to have something to look forward to and what could be better than getting the chance to relive the day all over again as a spectator. I can only imagine how fast the day itself flies by and I’m sure as the bride and groom you miss out on some many things on the day whether you are off having your photos taken or getting ready etc so to me its great to see all the bits you might have missed out on or forgotten on the big day plus it allows the groom to see what the bride got up to on the morning of the wedding and vice versa.

So once I knew I wanted a wedding video I did a lot of investigating as to what videographer I should book as let’s face it it’s not cheap so I wanted to make sure I got a well recommend videographer who I know will capture everything on the day.


After chatting with a few people and looking online one name kept coming up and that was Colm Russell and his company Montage Cinematic Wedding Documentaries. He comes highly recommended and even did Tara O’Farrell’s wedding ( my make up artist on the day). Tara has worked with him on numerous occasions and speaks so highly of him. I went and had a look at the wedding videos he has done and just thought they were fantastic. Rather than dragging on for 3 hrs Colm puts together a cinematic video approx 20 min long of all the highlights of the day.

This was a great compromise for me and my fiance who at first didnt want a wedding video, after viewing Colm’s videos we both just fell in love and booked him straightway.

His work is amazing and from what I’ve heard from people, on the day, you don’t even notice him being there which is a huge plus as you don’t want you or your guests being conscious of a camera.

A few weeks ago we spoke with Colm in relation to what style of video we wanted, and he seemed to totally get us. He is really down to earth and relaxed and puts you at ease straight away.

Our wedding video is something I am really looking forward to and know il watch it over and over and over again. I am so pleased we have Colm for our big day and have no doubt we will be over the moon with the finished product.

Check more information about Colm and his wedding videos  here


Edel xxx





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