MiniMi Inch Loss Wrap Review!


In the lead up to my wedding, I decided to do a course of MiniMi inch loss body wraps and I can’t recommend them enough. Not only do they kick-start your weight loss regime and give you instant weight loss, the treatment also leaves your skin looking fresh, radiant and feeling so soft.

MiniMi is a non-invasive body wrap treatment, designed to offer you a more sculpted body with lasting results. It is one of the leading body wraps in the industry and is highly favoured by many celebrities. 

The advanced technology in the MiniMi solution targets those difficult areas often found on the body (such as hips, buttocks, waist and arms).

I went to the amazing Sharon in Salon Parfait in Douglas Cork, she is  AMAZING and I would highly recommend her, you can find her on Instagram  @browsandbeautywithsharon.

Sharon talked me through what to expect from the 1.5hr treatment and I got instant results even after the first treatment.


The first step of the treatment involved Sharon massaging MiniMi body oil into the skin and then brushing down the skin with a body brush to get rid of any dead skin cells. You are then wrapped a clear MiniMi membrane and tucked under a heat-retaining foil blanket for a relaxing 60 minutes to allow the oil to penetrate the skin and target the fat cells, it was so relaxing and I dozed off happily.


Sharon checked on me once or twice before coming back in after an hour to remove the foil blanket and the clear membrane. At this stage Sharon took my measurements and compared them to the measurements taken at the start – After every session, I was down inches instantly, on average I was down about six inches per session.

I went to Sharon for a course of treatments and on my wedding day I couldn’t have felt better, the MiniMi inch loss wrap helped me target stubborn areas like my tummy and made me feel a million dollars on the day…I would recommend it to all brides to be or anyone going to a special occasion or looking to kick-start a weight loss regime.

I have recommended them to all my friends and am going to do another course now to help me get back on track after my honeymoon and a food overload over the last few weeks

MiniMi Inch Loss Wraps enable you to drop a dress size in a single treatment and also helps reduce the appearance of cellulite and improve skin tone immediately…what more could you ask for.

To find out who your nearest stockist is, or to become a stockist contact The Beauty School ( / )

Prices are approx €55.00 ( prices may vary depending on salon)

Edel xxx

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