The Dos and Don’ts of Lip Fillers!

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As the most in-demand treatment in aesthetic clinics around the country, it seems as if everyone is now getting lip fillers. Aesthetic nurse practitioner who is known as the “Lip Queen”, Anne Rossi talks about the Dos and DON’Ts of this popular treatment …

From contouring to waist training, the Kardashians have been responsible for some huge international beauty crazes over the last number of years. However when youngest sister Kylie transformed her pencil thin lips into huge, voluptuous pillow lips a couple of years ago, lip enhancement treatments quickly became the most popular aesthetic treatments in Ireland.

anne rossi

Anna Rossi (pictured)

Now, everyone is getting theirs done. “But, to get the best from your treatment, there are a number of things you should keep in mind,” warns nurse Anne Rossi, “and these include size, shape, product and professional.” 

DON’T Go Too Big

When investing in any beauty product, the temptation is always there to get a visible result, but what everybody should really desire is a result that makes them look like themselves only better.

“Big is not always better when it comes to lips and I believe that keeping the result beautifully subtle yet effective is the balance that should be desired,” says Anne. “However, having said that there is most definitely an aesthetic out there in which women want to make it look like they have just had their lips done. We see this all the time in reality TV, and if you want to look like a TOWIE cast member or a Housewife of somewhere, then go for it.”

If there is a celebrity whose lips – whether natural or otherwise – you would like to emulate, then bring a pic. “ Of course, right now that celeb is Kylie Jenner (20), but don’t forget what you see is a result that has probably been photoshopped to cover any lumps or bumps that she must have on her lips. The reality is, her lips look great in certain angles, in certain lighting and always with make-up on, but she has gone too big,” says Anne.

DO Choose Your Professional Carefully

When it comes to choosing a lip professional, of course, you should make sure to choose one that is licensed, trained, certified and insured. Other than that, try to find someone who is very experienced in performing the procedure. “It can be difficult to find someone who can achieve the beautiful subtle lip enhancement of someone like Jennifer Garner  (45) or Jenifer Lopez (47),” says Anne, “but aesthetic nurse practitioners are definitely the way to go.” Administering an injection was once the province of doctors but with the advent of penicillin in the 1940s it became an extended role activity of the nurse. So giving injections is a regular and common place activity for nurses and good injection technique and vast clinical experience deem nurses the most skilled injectors.

DON’T Change Your Basic Shape 

Beautiful lips are naturally uneven with the top lip being two thirds the thickness of the bottom lip. The top lip also is the more shapely of the two with a Cupid’s Bow being the norm. “Many women want to go bigger on the top lip, but what you don’t want is to lose this natural shape,” warns Anne. “Because if you do, you seriously run the risk of getting that sausage lip look with no discernible shape.”  The result looks fake and detracts from her natural beauty.

DO Use a Reputable Product 

Many of the most famous faces we see every day benefit from aesthetic treatments such as lip fillers, but because the work is so subtle, we don’t necessarily know it. If you want to go from pretty girl next door to stunning sex siren like Megan Fox (31), then do think about adding some volume to your lips to get that sexy pout. “The absolute best product you can use is a hyaluronic acid product like Restylane,’ says Anne. “Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance in skin that has the capacity to attract and hold vast amounts of moisture.The result is natural looking, long lasting  and immediate. All the best lips you see on your favourite celebrities are hyaluronic acid. My advice would be to avoid collagen or implants under all circumstances, as many of the most famous trout pout disasters we all know of are due to these. Worst case scenario, even if you hate your fuller lips, if they have been achieved using hyaluronic acid, they are reversible.” 

Anne Rossi 1ml Lip Augmentation from €200  (special offer for March, April and May) 6-7 Vernon Ave, Clontarf (01) 833 7021.


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