Should you get hair extensions for your big day?


When it comes to your big day you want to look your best and as you trawl through all the possible hair styles you can have, you quickly realise that if you have fine or short hair some of the styles just wont work and that’s why more and more brides are turning to hair extensions for their wedding day.

As you all know I have Gold Fever Hair extensions as I have very fine hair and they give me more volume and fuller hair. I love them and cant see myself ever not having them.

I have had them for over a year and a half and they have never damaged my hair in any way.  The Gold Fever Protein Tips ™ bring hair extension technology to the next level so the quality is, without doubt, beyond comparison and ensure your own hair is never damaged.

I get mine done in Ceira Lamberts in Shankhill in Dublin who are fantastic and really know their stuff when it comes to hair styling and hair extensions. The team in there really care and match the hair perfectly sometimes matching 3 or 4 different packets of Gold Fever to get the perfect colour match, they also advise you on after care and how to get the longest time out of each set…sometimes up to 6 months.

So when it came to my wedding day I knew I wanted to wear my hair half up and half down and got a new set put in three weeks before the wedding day to ensure I had long full locks that could be styled by the AMAZING Joanne Kelly.

Anyone brides to be looking for a hairdresser, I can’t recommend Joanne Kelly enough she is a genius when it comes to bridal hair and such a lovely person inside and out, a great person to have around the morning of your wedding.


I would highly recommend hair extensions to any bride to be with fine hair as your options for hair styling on the day really open up. Obviously if you are getting married abroad where it is going to be really hot or if you haven’t got the patience or desire to have them after the big day then maybe it’s not the best option and are not ideal for every single bride however for me they really helped me achieve the look I wanted and I’m already looking forward to my next set.

Gold Fever Hair extensions are available at Ceira Lamberts Hair Consultancy and many selected salons nationwide, see to find your nearest salon.

Edel xxx

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