Love Island lie detector test causes havoc in the villa!


Last night saw the return of the famous lie detector test on Love Island and as expected, it led to some major drama for the loved-up couples.

As the guys prepared to take the test, the girls laughed and joked as they wrote down the questions they would like to ask their men, however, the laughter was short-lived as the tests proved some of the guys haven’t exactly been honest with their other halves.

Irish Mirror

Laura was left gutted when her new romance with Paul was left in turmoil as it emerged his head could be turned on the outside and new Laura was left in tears as Jack failed to give the answers she was hoping to hear.

Jack and Dani, who are tipped to win the show, had their relationship tested when Jack failed the lie detector test. The show ended on a cliffhanger as Dani stormed off, as Jack called the situation ‘pathetic’.


Alex left Alexandra dejected as he admitted he wasn’t sure about their relationship and Megan was left heartbroken as it emerged that Wes may have an issue with her past as a stripper.

The show was tense to watch and resulted in some much-anticipated drama which was no doubt the intention, but will it result in the demise of some of our favourite couples?

Edel xxx


Pic Sources: Buzz Express, Irishmirror, ITV, OK Magazine



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